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Views from the ‘Digital Works for People’ conference 2018

Working Time Solutions was recently invited to share details of our innovative WORKSuite® shift pattern optimisation software with over 200 key influencers from across Europe.

The 2018 Digital Works for People conference in Vienna showcased 20 of the most innovative European projects in the ‘digitalisation at work’ field, with delegates spanning multinational corporates, governments, academia and trade unions.

The event was organised by Innovation in Politics Institute, a non-partisan organisation which shares best practice across Europe and was hosted by the Austrian Chamber of Labour.

Our work with South West Ambulance Service Foundation Trust (SWASFT) was selected to showcase how scheduling algorithms, interactive user interfaces and powerful analytics tools can deliver significant improvements in performance, productivity and employee well-being.

  Working Time Solutions presenting workforce planning and management insight at European event 2

The project, which saw new shift patterns designed and implemented for over 2,500 paramedics, was presented to delegates by Kevin White, Managing Director of Working Time Solutions and Chris Nelson, Branch Secretary for UNISON South Western Ambulance & Allied Health Branch.

The interactive format of the sessions ensured that delegates were able to engage directly to find out more about how:

WORKSuite®’s unique algorithms efficiently generated shift patterns and rotas that match the precise requirements of SWASFT and its workforce whilst ‘locking-in’ working time and contractual compliance.

• The interactive modelling technology enhanced workforce and union engagement and collaboration by facilitating the co-design of shift patterns. This process speeded up the time taken to implement optimised rotas and ensured SWASFT realised the benefits sooner.  

• Our intuitive interface (with the ability to customise patterns and ‘drag and drop’ shifts) helped employees visualise the impact of shift changes for them personally and give them the ability to easily experiment with variants.

• Analytics wereused to calculate key statistics (e.g. number of shifts worked), assure compliance with working time regulations and calculate changes to shift pay.

• The project has helped SWASFT improve response times, performance, productivity and deliver cost savings. Delegates were also very keen to learn how the optimisation process has limited overworking and stress, improved employee work-life balance and established a more equitable distribution of shift types across the workforce. 

You can find out much more about our work with SWASFT in our detailed case study.

Kevin White, Managing Director of Working Time Solutions, said: “It’s fantastic to have represented the UK at a key event exploring how technology can support participation and co-operation, streamline processes and improve the quality of work for employees. 

“It’s clear from our interactions that many employers, law makers and influencers across Europe increasingly see workforce planning and management software as central to supporting productivity, employee relations and wider economic growth.  

“We generated a strong reaction to our product and methodology from a diverse set of influencers and thought leaders. This re-enforces just how important designing and managing optimised shift patterns and rotas is to delivering improvements in performance, operational processes and working conditions.

Our involvement in The 2018 Digital Works for People event was enabled through our long-standing relationship with the Involvement & Participation Association (IPA). The IPA helps organisations develop new ways of working, based on trust and collaboration, that improve workplaces to deliver increased productivity and enhanced services.

Working Time Solutions are recognised leaders in the field of optimising shift working (workforce optimisation), annualised hours, demand-led rostering and scheduling.

We help organisations transform their approach to shift working through smarter planning, management and monitoring of shift-based workers.

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about how we could help you save time and money whilst improving employee engagement and wellbeing.

We also run our own series of events which provide further insight and practical exercises to help organisations better understand key issues around workforce planning and management for shift-based employees.

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