Managing 24/7 shift patterns for Siemens 

We now live in an always-on, ever-connected world. For many organisations to remain competitive, this means a 24/7 operation is required. 

How can your organisation best adapt and upgrade its operations to ensure it can meet this demand? Managing 24/7 operations comes with a range of challenges that most daytime-only operations don’t need to consider.

We are proud to have helped Siemens Healthineers successfully move to a 7-day operating window. Managing 24/7 shift patterns for Siemens

To achieve this Siemens Healthineers required enhanced visibility and tracking of all worked and un-worked hours. 

Working Time Solutions were engaged to configure and install all WORKSuite® software modules (shift design, roster management and self-service), helping Siemens Healthineers increase productivity and further enhance customer service levels.

Andy Barnett, Head of Customer Service Operations at Siemens Healthineers, said: “Healthcare is increasingly becoming a 7-day operating environment, so it was essential that the business could provide a high level of service right through the week.

“To achieve this, we needed to invest in a powerful workforce management software solution that would bring benefits for customers, the business and employees alike.

“In WORKSuite® we identified a specialist system that was designed from the ground up to support an optimised approach to managing Working Time.”

The software implementation process was completely transparent, so all stakeholders could see what was developed, why and how. This reinforced trust between the managers and the workforce, which in turn supported adoption.

The Management module in WORKSuite® was configured so that field engineers can request holidays, shift swaps, overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL).

The myTIME self-service module enabled Siemens Healthineers’ Customer Care Centre to use a web-based browser to securely manage the engineers’ holidays, overtime and TOIL requests, as well as apply variances such as absences.

Nigel Boyer, IT & Process Improvement Manager at Siemens Healthineers, said: “Working Time Solutions ensured that we were able to integrate Working Time data from WORKSuite® into incumbent systems, whilst improving access and control and significantly reducing the administrative burden associated with managing the workforce.”

By implementing all of WORKSuite’s® software modules, Siemens Healthineers was able to successfully move to a 7-day operating window.

The software now provides a single system for managing multiple shift patterns across 7 days and gives real-time visibility across the business’ mobile workforce.

For employees, better visibility over when they will be working, may be working, or definitely won’t be working, helps support work-life balance and engenders increased business understanding and trust.

You can read an in-depth case study of our work with Siemens Healthineers here.

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