Healthy...happy...flexible - Shift patterns & employer brand

The battle for talent feels like it's turning into a war of attrition. 

In our latest white paper, we explore how forward-thinking organisations are creating shift patterns that are supporting their wider workforce strategy. 

Employers know all too well how hard it is to attract and keep people in the current labour market where:

  • Unemployment levels are low
  • The millennial generation have very different aspirations and attitudes to work
  • Labour costs are rising
  • There is an increased political, media and union scrutiny of ways of working

These significant strategic workforce challenges are making it increasingly hard for organisations with legacy shift patterns and ineffective methods of roster management to compete.

When working patterns fall out of sync with wider environments, the symptoms are instantly recognisable and include high overtime and use of agency workers to ‘plug gaps’, long-hours and reliance on goodwill to meet demand, low morale and high staff-turnover.

This is driving a push for innovation and creativity across the HR spectrum. Whilst pay and conditions remain key considerations for employees and candidates, evidence suggests that patterns of work are becoming an increasingly important factor in employer brand.

Organisations embracing a creative and flexible approach to organising Working Time are set to reap a range of benefits across recruitment, retention, wellbeing and productivity.

You can find out much more by accessing our white paper on the topic here.

However, any change to working patterns needs to be grounded in the reality of labour supply and demand.

You need to be completely clear on the net number of hours an employee is actually productive as well as model and monitor the true demand that exists in an organisation.

Understanding all the variables that shape and influence Working Time requirements unlocks a huge range of Working Time options.

This gives you the freedom needed to innovate in the process of shift planning and allocation.

A creative approach can lead to truly responsive resourcing that maximises hour-to-hour performance and efficiency levels whilst simultaneously reflecting the changing needs of the workforce.

With the right approach shift patterns and rosters can be purpose-built to allow for a high degree of flexibility and can be used to support employer brand both internally and in the external labour market.

Our white paper on the topic sets out to:

  • Help you understand how macro workforce trends relate to Working Time.
  • Provide guidance on how insight and technology can be used to create modernised working patterns that enhance employer brand.

Click here to access the detail.

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