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WTS features in Manufacturing Management asking: Is it time to look again at Annualised Hours?

We're proud to have an insightful article on Annualised Hours published in the very first edition of the re-vamped and re-branded Manufacturing Management magazine. 

Formerly Works Management, Manufacturing Magazine is the leading title for decision makers in the sector and carries a range of news and opinion articles.

We’re in good company…the inaugural edition also includes contributions from industry leaders Terry Scuoler of EEF (the manufacturers’ organisation) and BAE Systems.

Our article, which was penned by Kevin White, Managing Director of Working Time Solutions, explores how Annualised Hours can support manufacturers’ responsiveness, productivity and resilience during a time of strategic workforce challenges.

We look at the common issues created by inefficient and inflexible shift patterns, including spiralling labour costs (overtime and agency staff), absence, recruitment and retention issues linked to work-life balance and breaches of working time or health and safety legislation.

The article explores how Annualised Hours provides a means of organising shift working that aligns labour supply to demand, ensuring precisely the right amount of resource is available at exactly the time it is needed.

It covers how poor implementations, mismanagement and a lack of understanding around the nuances of these systems has led to its reputation being diminished over the past two decades.

We highlight that when planned, designed and implemented properly, Annualised Hours remains one of the most effective means of boosting productivity, improving service levels, supporting employee wellbeing and maintaining compliance. 

You can read the full article ‘Is it time to look again at annualised hours?’ here

Manufacturing Management Editor Chris Beck is looking for manufacturers to share their experiences of implementing Annualised Hours. To get involved in the conversation, contact him with your story on:

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