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User Groups: Connecting customers, sharing ideas and learning best practice 

At Working Time Solutions, we’re committed to helping clients maximise the value delivered by our specialist workforce planning and management software. 

For those looking to build their knowledge of shift pattern design and roster management, we host a wide range of educative and training events including WORKSuite® Software User Groups.

These free sessions provide managers and users of our software with valuable guidance, tips and short cuts that ensure they make the most of our powerful technology.

At the User Groups customers:

Learn about…

  • best practice from WORKSuite® experts and peers
  • new WORKSuite® features and updates

Network with…

  • other experienced WORKSuite® users to exchange ideas
  • WORKSuite® developers and experienced Working Time experts


  • ideas, work collaboratively and learn how to do more with WORKSuite®

The day generally consists of:

  • Facilitated discussion - on the key challenges and opportunities driving use of WORKSuite®
  • Interactive session - demonstrating solutions to the topics raised and providing guidance to enhance understanding of the software’s capabilities
  • Software and services roadmap - highlighting the latest and forthcoming developments and features
  • User feedback - discussing WORKSuite® and influencing the ongoing development of the software
  • Networking and refreshments - a chance to build valuable relationships with other users and the Working Time Solutions team

If you are a customer and would like to attend the next Software User Group please email

If you would like to find out more about our WORKSuite® software, contact us now. 

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