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Overcoming Working Time shortfalls in T&A / ERP systems 

We often find that one of the biggest considerations facing any organisation looking to adopt flexible new shift patterns is the workforce planning and management systems needed to deliver and support such requirements. 

Implementing new ways of working such as Annualised Hours and Demand-Led Rostering can be transformative, but the investment made, and benefits achieved, can be quickly undermined by any gaps in your software's capabilities.

In our experience, Working Time optimisation projects can fail to achieve the desired cost savings, improved productivity and employee wellbeing gains if crucial gaps in an organisation's T&A / ERP system are not identified and addressed.

T&A / ERP systems are essential to streamlining an organisation’s operations but most, if not all, fall short when it comes to supporting flexibility and accuracy in the management of Working Time.

Whilst highly effective at tracking pay rates and overtime to feed payroll, most solutions currently in the market are focused on historic events. They are capable of telling you what has happened, but provide limited support from a strategic and tactical planning point of view.

We’ve created a white paper on the topic which can be read here.

The document sets out to:

  • Help you identify where the principal Working Time-related gaps may be in T&A/ERP systems & the common issues this creates.
  • Provide guidance on workforce planning and management approaches and software functionality that helps deliver workforce optimisation.
  • Explore specialist software that bridges the gap between an operating system and applications. This can often hold the key to ensuring organisations have the capability to create and maintain new resourcing models over the long-term.


Click here to read the full white paper.

If you are looking at how your organisation could better plan and manage Working Time, contact us now. Our highly experienced team would be happy to talk you through how we could carry out a free-of-charge software audit to determine if you have appropriate systems in place to manage new shift patterns.

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