Highlighting working patterns role in Utility companies' recruitment and retention 

We're proud to feature in the leading industry title Utility Week, examining how shift patterns can play a vital role in tracking the threat posed by skills shortages and an ageing workforce.

In the article we highlight how this element is missing from the Energy & Utilities Skills Partnership's Workforce Renewal and Skills Strategy.

We also argue how important modernising shift patterns is to attracting the next generation of talent and extending the working lives of existing employees.

Many companies are operating legacy patterns that no longer match the demands placed on the organisation by customers, regulators or employees.

Some are throwbacks to public ownership, where a lack of change or standardisation has led to unnecessary complexity and inefficiencies.

Others are simply not optimised or well-managed, leading to an imbalance of supply and demand that creates a whole range of issues for the organisation and the workforce.

The symptoms are instantly recognisable: high overtime; long-hours; stress; reliance on goodwill; increased absence; and compliance issues.

As workforce planning and management specialists within utilities, the article explores how any modernisation programme should focus on shift patterns that deliver:

  • Predictable working hours
  • Certainty on earnings
  • Options designed to suit different life-stages and lifestyles
  • Patterns that are safe and compliant
  • An equitable distribution of pattern types
  • More autonomy and the ability to easily plan and manage working time through mobile self-service systems

Click here to read the full article in Utility Week.

We are holding a Utilities Workforce Optimisation Forum on 21st September in Manchester that will explore designing modernised shift patterns in more detail. Click here for more information.

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