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Holiday headaches...the hidden cost of annual leave

Do you find dealing with holiday requests a time-consuming administrative nightmare?

In many organisations, a significant amount of valuable management time is often spent dealing with annual leave requests and arranging resource to cover gaps in labour supply.

Managers spend hours buried in spread sheets and searching for scraps of paper…feeling like they’ve got a permanent holiday-induced headache.

Here is an example calculation illustrating the potential hidden cost created by inefficient methods of managing annual leave:

1. Employee: Getting form, checking with colleagues as appropriate, filling it in, chasing it up = circa 30 minutes per request

2. Supervisor: Checking form, checking spreadsheet, requesting info on T&A, authorising (or dealing with fall out) = circa 30 minutes per request

3. HR / T&A / Ops Manager / Other: Further support, liaison or approval = circa 30 minutes per request

Each holiday request = 1.5 hours of man time

If you spread this across the year and a typical 25 days per annum holiday allowance (booked as 10 requests – 1 x 10 days, 1 x 5 days, 2 x 2 days and 6 x single days) this equals 15 hours man time per employee, per year.

For every 100 staff this equates to 1,500 man hours per year…or one full time employee!

An effective Workforce Planning and Management system is your passport to success

Working Time Solutions’ myTIME is a self-service software module. It empowers employees to request changes to their shift patterns and rosters without increasing your administrative burden, meaning you can devote more time to other, more valuable priorities.

Employees can securely login to myTIME from their mobile or desktop device to check holiday availability and request time off which is then tracked through real-time updates and notifications.

This can be done safe in the knowledge any changes will fall within the parameters dictated by your demand data, their contracted hours and wider regulatory requirements.

When an organisation has complete clarity and control over the recording, storing and management of working time information it can confidently cater for individual circumstances and provide the flexibility that many employees crave.

Your workforce planning and management system should help strip out unnecessary and inefficient complexity.

Only then will holiday headaches become a thing of the past.

Click here to read our ‘Holiday planning for shift workers’ white paper where we evaluate gross and net hours’ holiday systems and provide guidance on accommodating employees’ annual leave whilst maintaining productivity levels.

If you’d like to learn more about how our software and expertise, explore this site or contact us now.

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