Annualised Hours - helping the Coastguard save money and protect the service

We are proud to have helped the fourth emergency service create a resourcing model that has delivered significant efficiencies and an improved work-life balance for employees. 

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) traditionally operated 12-hour shift patterns, meaning the profile of labour division was flat across a year. Whilst this ensured labour supply matched peak demand in all areas, there were periods of significant underutilisation.

We designed an Annualised Hours system with shift patterns that track peaks and troughs in demand across time frames and diverse geographical operating patches. Through introducing a ‘reserve hours’ bank MCA benefited from additional flexibility and implementing rostered holidays guaranteed cover during peak periods. 

Click here to read the full case study and learn more about how we used insight, scheduling and management software to implement a highly effective new Annualised Hours and Demand-Led Rostering system.

By designing simplified and optimised shift patterns that make efficient use of employees’ contracted hours, MCA was able to:

  • Reduce labour costs
  • Remove periods of significant underutilisation
  • Maintain service levels
  • Reduce long shifts
  • Give employees better visibility and control over shift patterns using a mobile self-service tool
  • Deliver continuous improvement through improved analysis and management functions

Matthew Briggs, HR Strategic Partner at the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, said: “By modelling our demand accurately and designing shift patterns that match it, we’ve been able to deliver against organisational objectives and provide our employees with an enhanced work-life balance.

“Working Time Solutions helped us design and implement a Demand Led-Rostering and Annualised Hours system that has generated significant and sustainable savings.”

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