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It probably hasn’t escaped you that ‘precarious employment’ is a hot topic in the media and the world of workforce planning and management.

The use of zero hours contracts and agency workers has become central to the operating models of many organisations that experience volatile demand patterns in 24/7 markets.

These types of resourcing arrangements are often seen as necessary to deliver the required levels of flexibility, responsiveness and productivity.

However, as the guardian’s section on the gig economy demonstrates, these approaches are under increasing scrutiny and regularly create reputational issues for employers.

The Government’s Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee has launched an inquiry into ‘the future world of work’, which is focussing on “low-pay and poor working conditions for people working in non-traditional employee roles.”

We strongly believe that Annualised Hours and Demand Led-Rostering systems could play a key role in helping address fundamental issues around productivity and working conditions for the UK’s 3.6 million shift workers.

In fact, the evidence Working Time Solutions submitted to the committee was published and you can read it here.

We have over two decades’ experience of using software and consultancy to design and manage shift patterns which unlock the value of full-time employees’ contracted hours.

This approach to workforce optimisation improves the productivity and flexibility of an organisation’s core workforce, therefore reducing reliance on ‘precarious’ forms of employment.

Ultimately this helps to create and secure full-time roles and improves employee wellbeing through more certainty and better work-life balance.

Reducing dependency on temporary forms of labour, such as agency workers, also helps to mitigate risk, a topic covered extensively in this blog

If you would like to know more about the fundamentals of our approach to workforce planning and management, you can find Part 1 of our report into Annualised Hours here

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