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‘Peak pain’…Black Friday & festive workforce planning challenges

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to catch your breath after what was a truly memorable trading period for those involved in online retail. We all knew it was coming…but the scale of demand in 2016 was staggering.

Many businesses will have found that this growth compounded the annual workforce challenges created by seasonal trading spikes, including:

  • The effort, cost and risk of recruiting, training and managing a temporary ‘peak’ workforce.
  • Customer service issues created by labour undersupply or performance issues.
  • Overworked and demoralised employees reducing productivity, creating higher employee turnover and harming your employer brand.
  • Increased risk around working time regulation breaches and fatigue-related health issues or accidents.

If this mirrors your experience, then contact us to confidentially discuss the situation with one of our highly experienced advisors.

Working Time Solutions is the recognised leader in workforce planning and management, helping businesses with shift workers to optimise and support their core workforce whilst reducing reliance on expensive overtime and temporary workers.

We have a methodology that uses data to accurately forecast labour demand and the technology to design and maintain efficient and flexible shift patterns. Our approach is proven to:

  • Unlock the full potential of your workforces' contracted hours - increasing productivity and reducing requirement for temporary, inexperienced labour.
  • Provide the capability to quickly flex up or down without relying on overtime or agency staff.
  • Minimise overworking and maintain compliance with regulations and best practice.
  • Provide a work-life balance that helps attract and retain experienced and motivated workers.

In a highly competitive sector with significant margin and recruitment pressures, a fully optimised workforce could make all the difference in 2017.

You can learn more about our ‘Demand-Led Rostering’ methodology in this article which was published in Manufacturing & Logistics IT magazine.

We understand every business faces different challenges, so please contact us now to discuss how together we can ensure the 2017 peak is both survivable and profitable!

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