• Optimising crew rosters to reduce reliance on private ambulance

Figures evidence the perfect storm which has been generated by a 4.5% increase in calls over the past year and continuing staffing shortages.

This gap between labour demand and supply is contributing significantly to the additional £46 million per year which has been spent on private ambulances since 2011/12.

In our experience some dependence on third parties and overtime could be reduced.

By rationalising rosters and ensuring they are closely aligned to demand, Ambulance Trusts can create significant cost savings by releasing thousands more hours from the same core workforce.

Using accurate demand data, expert insight and powerful specialist software Ambulance Trusts can design, implement and maintain demand-led crewing patterns that not only reduce private ambulance costs, but help tackle overworking and ensure high service standards are maintained.

For example, we worked with London Ambulance Service on a project which implemented 200 new frontline rosters across 70 ambulance stations, releasing an additional 3,414 people hours. You can read more about the project in this article.

In the long term, creating and maintaining optimised crew rosters can also help improve the wellbeing and work-life balance needs of Paramedics…supporting a Trusts’ recruitment and retention efforts without adding complexity or compromising service-levels.

Private ambulances have an important role to play, but in our experience, Ambulance Trusts could significantly reduce their reliance on them by creating and maintaining efficient crew rosters.

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