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Delivering 15-20% savings in LA departments with shift workers

Despite new revenue-raising measures announced in the recent spending review, local authorities still need to achieve the seemingly impossible and balance almost £10bn in further demand-led cost pressures by 2020 with a £6.1bn grant reduction over the same period ⃰.

Ahead of the full local government settlement we thought it appropriate to share our experience of delivering significant efficiencies in LA departments through the design of optimised shift patterns.

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Working Time Solutions use an employee resourcing methodology called ‘demand-led rostering’ which creates an accurate model of labour demand and supply.

This allows LAs to forecast resourcing requirements each day across every week of the year. Rosters can then be designed which optimise hour-to-hour staffing levels, eliminate under or over-provision and reduce the need for expensive temporary labour.

More background on the approach can be found in our article which was published in The MJ during July of this year.

We have successfully implemented demand-led rostering in many public sector organisations including Glasgow City Council, Maidstone Borough Council and Derby City Council.

A project with Cheshire West & Chester Council’s Waste Management and Street Scene department illustrates the financial impact our approach can have.

By eliminating temporary staffing requirements the council was able to achieve savings of around £500,000 (17 per cent of the department’s total budget) in the first 12 months.

If you are looking at new ways to make additional efficiency gains, then please feel free to contact us.

You can discuss your specific challenges with one of our experts and explore whether designing new shift patterns could deliver double digit savings and help you bridge any funding gap.

⃰Figures from the Spending Review and Autumn Statement 2015 and the Local Government Association

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