We work alongside a number of independent 3rd parties who complement our extensive shift planning, rostering and workforce management software and services.

These organisations are proven in their specialist fields and work seamlessly within wider project frameworks to deliver business change management programmes that address both systems and culture. 

Pannone Corporate LLP Pannone Corporate

Pannone Corporate is a commercial law firm based in the heart of Manchester with 29 associated firms in more than 50 cities across the globe.

Since launching in 2014 Pannone Corporate has quickly established a reputation for outstanding levels of expertise and support as well as for its distinctly modern and personal approach. 

Its diverse range of clients include boohoo.com, Brother Electronics, Cardinal Maritime, Conviviality Retail, DHL Express UK, EM&I, Fircroft, Iceland Frozen Foods, Manchester City Council, NG Bailey, Rail Gourmet, Response Tap and SSP.

The employment team at Pannone Corporate specialises in providing timely, practical, accessible, and commercially astute advice and support to clients on the full range of employment law and HR issues and so are well placed to support Working Time Solutions’ clients as they progress through the implementation phase of a project, particularly when terms and conditions are being changed.  

The team appreciates the need to establish commercial objectives and to determine the best way of achieving them quickly, cost-effectively and with minimum possible risk and disruption to the business and can provide guidance on how to implement the best strategy while managing both risk and stakeholder expectations. 

Accelerated Improvement 

Accelerated Improvement provide support in solving industrial relations issues, management of change, principled negotiations and facilitation of agreements.                                            

They help Working Time Solutions to achieve a wide range of outputs including:

  • Increased productivity following employee buy-in to change plans that are co-designed by them.
  • Recommendation of pay systems that reflect the ‘common good’.
  • Leaders publicly displaying their individual upward feedback and the actions they are taking in response.
  • Improved and high ratings in ‘Best Place to Work’.
  • Widespread buy-in to challenging organisational changes; large increases in front-line leadership morale and capacity.

The organisation also specialises in culture change, leadership development, lean/Six Sigma leadership and executive coaching.

3c PR 

3c PR is a consultancy that specialises in helping organisations manage and communicate change.

In partnership with Working Time Solutions they can provide professionalised, rigorous and scalable support for the communications and employee engagement elements of any project.

Communications can play a key role in building understanding of change, securing participation in the process, accelerating adoption and mitigating risk.

Our support in this area can be tailored to suit an organisation’s culture, systems, policy and resources. It can encompass insight, strategy and planning, messaging, training, content production, delivery channel development and feedback/evaluation mechanisms.

The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) 

HSL is the research arm of the Health and Safety Executive. It is a world-leading provider of health and safety solutions. 

Combining scientific, medical and technical expertise, it helps industry and government manage risk and protect workforces from illness and injury.

They work alongside Working Time Solutions, providing deep insight into how shifts and shift working affects people with a focus on fatigue, risk and stress. 

Effective risk management is essential for any business as it helps to protect employees, sustain productivity, reduce costs and promote well-being. 

HSL's experts help assess and mitigate a vast range of workplace risks and implement practical risk controls.

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