We are shift planning, rostering and workforce management experts.

Using our powerful workforce management software and specialist shift work insight, we help organisations dramatically improve productivity and service standards while maintaining compliance and supporting employee wellbeing.

Our approach to shift planning, rostering and workforce management ensures that precisely the right amount of resource is available at exactly the time it is needed.

This optimisation removes the imbalance between labour supply and demand that traditional shift work approaches can create.

The workforce management software we use also dramatically reduces the administrative burden of managing shift patterns, rosters and rotas.

Customers typically see a return on investment in just 3-6 months and our solutions continue to deliver value year-on-year through maintained efficiencies and continuous improvement.

Our vision

About Working Time SolutionsWe are uniquely placed to help organisations overcome the ‘perfect storm’ of strategic workforce challenges created by economic volatility, globalisation, technological disruption, Brexit, changing demographics, rising labour costs, new legislation and the growing scrutiny of employment arrangements.

Demand for our specialist shift work technology and consultancy is rising as large corporates, SMEs and public sector service providers increasingly recognise the strategic benefits delivered by flexible resourcing frameworks.

We believe our shift planning, rostering and workforce management software and services can play a key role in helping UK plc manage working time effectively in support of prosperity, job security and shift worker wellbeing.

Our business

Established over 25 years ago as a specialist consultancy, we have evolved and now leverage our own software to empower organisations and their employees to take control of working time.

We were first to spot the opportunity presented by replacing the limited functionality of Excel-based shift planning, rostering and workforce management tools with custom software.

Since the launch of our first product when the company was founded, we have developed ever-more powerful and flexible software and apps that supports requirements of varied scale and complexity.

This is complemented by a transparent and collaborative approach that fully engages employees in the planning, management and monitoring of shift patterns, rosters and rotas.

We are genuine leaders in this field, providing best practice, support and guidance on shift work through consultancy, informative content, educative events and strategic partnerships.

Our business remains 100% owned by the founders and senior management team. This independence allows us to re-invest much of our profits into our software, client support and talent.

Our people

About Working Time SolutionsThe heart of our model is an established team of high calibre developers, consultants and managers who have a broad range of specialist knowledge and skills.

We recruit staff who have industrial and sector experience and offer practical, rather than purely theoretical shift work expertise.

The team are recognised leaders in the shift planning and workforce management field nationally and internationally, and provide a level of specialist insight and knowledge that is unparalleled.

Their collective input ensures our software remains focused on features that deliver value to organisations and their employees.

We continue to attract the best talent by providing an intellectually rewarding environment and a culture which supports both professional and personal development.

Our shift planning, rostering and workforce management software

About Working Time SolutionsOur shift work software provides customers with a powerful and intuitive set of tools that support effective planning and management of shift patterns, rosters and rotas.

A major focus for our business is the continuous development of our WORKSuite® software platform, adding functionality and continuously refining usability.

Our technology is accessible and can be easily optimised across devices, shift work environments and specific deployments.

Most existing Time & Attendance, ERP or HR software solutions fall short when it comes to shift planning and workforce management.

WORKSuite® unlocks the value of data within existing systems.

It integrates seamlessly, providing better demand planning and feeds accurate, real-time HR analytics data to inform third party systems such as payroll.

The software simplifies day-to-day rostering and employee scheduling, saving the significant administrative resources associated with shift swaps, annual leave and absence management.

It also features an empowering, engaging an intuitive employee self-service app that can be accessed on any device that has an internet connection and browser (smartphone, tablet, home PC etc.).

This tool allows employees to quickly and easily view their shift patterns, rosters and rotas (past, present & future), request events such as annual leave and doctor appointments, check confirmation of shifts or requests and receive real-time updates and notifications on any changes.

The power of all our technology lies in its focus on the specifics of shift work optimisation, from a capability, functionality and usability point of view.

We will continue to evolve our software in line with customer requirements, embracing key areas of emerging technology such as machine learning, automation and connected devices.

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