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Outdated and inflexible shift patterns create unnecessary costs and risks. 

Our specialist workforce planning software and services help organisations dramatically improve productivity, efficiency and employee wellbeing. 

If you face any of these Working Time challenges, contact us now: 

  • Expensive overtime bills
  • Excessive use of agency workers
  • High absence rates
  • Service and capacity issues 
  • Regulation and legislation breaches
  • Employee fatigue and low morale
  • Patterns harming recruitment & retention
  • Difficulty managing holidays/shift swaps
Explore this site to see how our WORK Suite® software and Lean-ER ® process gives you better control over the planning, scheduling and management of Working Time. 

We’ve helped our clients generate combined savings of over £100m

We help a broad range of organisations optimise their shift patterns and rosters to ensure
precisely the right amount of resource is available at exactly the time it is needed.

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