Working Time Solutions specialises in workforce management and planning for manufacturingWorking Time Solutions’ approach to workforce planning and management helps manufacturers boost productivity by designing shift patterns and rosters that are completely aligned to demand.

Technology, workforce empowerment and globalised competition are creating significant challenges for manufacturers that operate legacy working patterns.

Any gap between labour supply and demand in manufacturing typically generates high reliance on overtime and agency staff, poorer quality of output, employee stress or sickness and breaches of working time or health and safety legislation.

We've worked with a wide range of  businesses from food and beverage manufacturers through to chemicals and pharma specialists.

By implementing Demand-Led Rostering and Annualised Hours we've helped clients develop truly responsive resourcing that maximises hour-to-hour performance and efficiency levels...providing the mechanism to effectively manage demand variability, such as seasonality or supply exceptions such as holiday, absence or shut-downs.

Our shift planning, scheduling and management tools will help you:

  • Increase productivity & efficiency: Reduce overtime and agency labour costs by making more effective use of your employees’ contracted hours
  • Strengthen recruitment & retention: Create attractive and flexible working patterns which support diverse work-life balance demands
  • Support growth & change: Increase the flexibility and responsiveness needed to quickly respond to threats and opportunities
  • Reduce health & safety risks: Reduce long-hours working and associated fatigue-related issues
  • Secure compliance & governance: Gain instant visibility over Working Time data across the workforce and effectively manage regulatory and customer demands
  • Enhance flexibility & responsiveness: Use systems such as annualised hours and banked hours that are responsive to demand volatility, minimise underutilisation and reduce the need for temporary labour

Our WORK Suite® software and services help clients unlock significant benefits, including:

  • Generating £1 million of savings in year one
  • Reducing overtime payments by 85% and agency costs by 90%
  • Improving manufacturing efficiency by 55%
  • Reducing shift management administration time by 25%

 You can find much more information about workforce optimisation and our software and services on this site.


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