Working Time Solutions specialises in workforce planning and management for emergency servicesWorking Time Solutions’ approach to workforce planning and management helps Emergency Services to design, implement and manage demand-led crewing rosters.

With many organisations facing budget pressures and staffing shortages, rationalising rosters and ensuring crewing levels accurately reflect demand is essential.

Gaps in labour provision can lead to high reliance on overtime, compromised service levels, employee stress or sickness and breaches of working time or health and safety legislation.

We work with a wide range of organisations in the Emergency Services sector to design and implement Demand-Led Rostering.

This approach ensures crewing patterns are flexible and responsive to changing requirements, while maintaining high service standards and improving working conditions.

Our shift planning, scheduling and management tools will help you:  

  • Deliver target service levels…even during peaks: Maintain appropriate and efficient staffing levels without compromising service levels
  • Monitor & maintain Working Time compliance: Secure a single, accurate, real-time view that supports strategic planning and compliance
  • Simplify management of shift swaps & holidays: Use employee self-service to reduce administration of handling variances
  • Engage the workforce: Use visual, interactive tools to enable crews to co-create their rosters and achieve high levels of employee satisfaction
  • Improve crew wellbeing & morale: Meet employee work-life balance needs and create appealing working conditions that support recruitment
  • Generate significant & sustained cost savings: Release thousands more hours from the same core workforce and reduce your reliance on temporary external support         

Our WORK Suite® software and services help clients unlock significant benefits, including: 

  • Creating huge efficiencies by releasing more hours from the same core workforce
  • Reducing instances of multiple attendance of vehicles to incidents
  • Synchronising the implementation of hundreds of rosters
  • Delivering against care, availability, utilisation, breaks & overtime objectives
  • Increasing predictability for front-line staff
  • Laying foundations for continuous improvement and increased responsiveness to change

You can find much more information about workforce optimisation and our software and services on this site. 


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