• Working Time Project management and implementation
  • Research and analysis – understanding your issues and understanding your data
  • Develop bespoke solutions
  • Stakeholder interviews and surveys
  • Knowledge transference
  • Employee Engagement
Work Services

Absenteeism reduced by 50%

Labour cost/unit reduced by 16%


  • WORK Scheduling: Powerful shift pattern and rota design tool
  • WORK Management: Comprehensive labour resource management system
  • WORK Time: Delivers real-time labour supply information
  • WORK Employee Self Service: Empowers employees to manage time off and other workforce variables efficiently
WORK Suite Software

Time saving of 25% in day-to-day
organisation of labour


  • We provide the structure to guide your project to successful implementation
  • We can be as involved as you want us to be; from high end strategic advice to providing working time audits and strategic reviews
  • We use our vast experience, knowledge and specialist tools to recommend solutions to increase profitability and productivity
Consultancy advice and strategies for working time change

20% increase in throughput

Manufacturing efficiency increased by 30%


  • Reduce and control costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve service levels
  • Understand and meet your true demand
  • Use time more effectively
  • Improve work life balance
  • Increase labour flexibility
  • Manage seasonality and volatility
Lean-ER TM transforms shift pattern scheduling

11.5% Labour cost saving

Staff turnover reduced by 10%


Annualised Hours

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Annual Hours – a definition, what are annual hours-contracts?

Working Time Solutions provide advice, solutions and the tools to allow organisations to successfully implement annualised hours systems.

Very simply, annual hours or annualised hours is the term used to describe a contract which states the agreed number of guaranteed hours the employee is contracted to work through a twelve month period. This is different from a standard weekly contract e.g. 38, 40 or 48 hour week – each week, every week. An ‘Annualised Contract’ allows the organisation to increase or reduce, in advance, the required numbers of hours to be worked at a given time to match the needs of a business. For example, a cold drinks manufacturer may find their business peaks during the hot summer weather and dips during the winter. In this case the employee will be required to work more hours during the summer than during the winter.

Shifting from the traditional ‘hours worked per week’ contracts to annualised hours contracts can deliver tangible results.

Implementing annualised hours contracts:

  • Can be successfully implemented in both existing and new operations
  • Matches the actual workforce required to meet the seasonal demands of the business
  • Leads to increases in workforce productivity and business profitability
  • Eliminates or reduces the need and the cost of expensive overtime
  • Allows the company and employee to implement plans better
  • Leads to substantial reduction in absenteeism
  • Ensures compliance with new and existing Working Time Regulations
  • Leads to improved productivity and operational flexibility

The introduction of Annualised Hours within an organisation can lead to an increase to an employees’ skill-set and often leads to improved morale of both management and the workforce.

Some real benefits enjoyed by companies who have moved to an annualised contracts system include:

  • Increased employee commitment
  • Staff more willing to be flexible
  • A cohesive team environment developed
  • Payroll administration and over-time costs drastically reduced
  • Manufacturing efficiency rose by 33%
  • Production waste halved

Working Time Solutions provide both the expert advice and accompanying specialist software applications to help organisations introduce annual hours contracts and systems for their workforce. The introduction of these systems can help organisations move away from a high overtime, traditional working environment to one which demonstrates real employee commitment, flexibility and cohesive team working.

Utilising both our wealth of consultative experience and our specialist WORK Suite® software we have helped many organisations to successfully implement Annualised Hours systems, including ; Colman’s of Norwich, the Gleneagles Hotel and Prysmian Cables (formerly Pirelli). To learn more please visit our Case studies page.

If you would like to find out how demand-led rostering techniques or annual hours can help your organisation, please contact us or submit an information request and we shall be happy to find out how we can help.

Further areas of expertise : Shift planning, Workforce Management and Lean Employee Resourcing.

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    Clients using Lean-ER approachClients using Lean-ER approachClients using Lean-ER approachClients using Lean-ER approachClients using Lean-ER approachClients using Lean-ER approach Clients using Lean-ER approach Clients using Lean-ER approach Accolade WinesClients using Lean-ER approach Clients using Lean-ER approach Clients using Lean-ER approach Clients using Lean-ER approach Clients using Lean-ER approach Clients using Lean-ER approach Clients using Lean-ER approach
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    As well as providing consultancy and software tools for working time change strategies, we also host educative working time change events which we run periodically throughout the year.

    Forthcoming Events

    9th Working Time Change Executive Forum 

    How Lean Employee Resourcing can optimise your workforce, improve morale and reduce costs

    18th and 19th March 2015, Newport, South Wales

    More about our events

    Feed-back from previous delegates:

    “The speakers were most relevant because of the practical information given regarding the implementation of annualised hours”  Wessex Water

    “We thoroughly enjoyed the event, and each presentation had something of relevance to our organisation”  Wedgwood

    “ The Masterclass provided a good insight into the long journey required, it also showed that there are many potential solutions”  United Biscuits

    “A well structured seminar that raised and answered a lot of questions”  Vets Now Ltd

    “Very interesting day & a good introduction to what I am sure is a significant opportunity to Faccenda”  Faccenda Foods

    “a very informative event”  George Wilkinson Ltd (Household goods manufacturer)

    “An excellently organised event, very useful”  the AA

    “A really interesting and informative day”  BAA

    “The content of the course made you think how you could improve efficiency in your business”  Scott Timber Limited

    “A valuable course”  GlaxoSmithKline

    “There was great cross industry representation, with articulate and enthusiastic speakers”.  Heinz

    “A very enjoyable forum”  Johnston Sweepers

    “The forum had a good overall structure with a good variety of speakers”  Kraft

    “Very useful conference/seminar”  Moog

    “We found the forum rewarding and would recommend it to others”  The Pall Corporation

    Shift Design HandbookPublications 

    Shift Design Handbook

    This Shift Design Handbook is intended to provide a reliable and comprehensive source of information on key types of shift patterns in use in the U.K. 

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To find out more about the many services available from Working Time Solutions – including consultancy, software and Lean-ER itself – then please don’t hesitate to contact us or submit an information request and we shall be happy to find out how we can help. All our solutions start with talking and listening: we look forward to beginning the conversation soon.