White Papers

All aboard...gaining employee buy-in for a Working Time change

We look the importance of employee engagement when making changes to Working Time

White Papers

The great debate...8 Vs 12 hour shift patterns

We look at the 8 vs 12 hr shift debate, explore the advantages and disadvantages of both and help define the best solution for your organisation

White Papers

Mind your step...managing a workforce during adverse weather

We share tips and guidance on how to minimise disruption to the workforce during adverse weather

White Papers

Hard day's night ...permanent night shifts and the alternatives

We explore the arguments for and against these shift patterns and suggest potential alternatives

White Papers

Flexi friend...handling flexible working requests from shift workers

We explore changes to flexible working regulations and how to assess requests in a shift work environment

White Papers

In the mix...rotational Vs fixed shift patterns

We provide an analysis of these two systems including advice for designing new shift patterns

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