White Papers

Mind the gap - Overcoming Working Time shortfalls in T&A / ERP systems

We identify where the principal Working Time-related gaps may be in T&A/ERP systems and the common issues this creates

White Papers

Making Annualised Hours work for the UK - Part 1: Exploring a 'new' way of working

We explore the fundamentals of Annualised Hours including how the framework can address issues around productivity, flexibility and employee wellbeing

White Papers

Shifting sands...Brexit's impact on workforce planning and management

We explore the questions Brexit poses around workforce productivity, flexibility and compliance

White Papers

Annualised hours...a brief introduction to this efficient approach to resourcing

This paper looks at Annualised Hours and covers strategies to implement and manage this resourcing system

White Papers

Smarter not harder...avoiding the trap of excessive working hours

We identify common causes of excessive hours, evidence the impact and look at how to tackle overworking

White Papers

Weather the storm…preparing the utility workforce for extreme events

We look at how workforce planning can be used to mitigate risk, increase resilience and maintain compliance

White Papers

National Living Wage...using shift patterns to offset rising costs

We outline how shift pattern design and effective roster management can offset rising labour costs

White Papers

Solving the puzzle...improving workforce productivity

We look at how organisations can improve their productivity through changes to Working Time

White Papers

Holiday headaches...planning annual leave for shift workers

We identify common issues, evaluate gross/net hours systems and explore how to maintain productivity whilst accommodating annual leave

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