Employers with shift workers face a range of different challenges and we understand that finding the best way forward can often be difficult.

That’s why we’ve established Shift Planning Clinics - an opportunity for you to confidentially discuss your situation with our highly experienced team. 

Our specialist consultants can provide initial insight and guidance on a range of issues including:

  • Cutting overtime bills & reducing reliance on agency workers
  • Improving workforce productivity & efficiency (e.g. reducing absence rates, tackling capacity issues, increasing asset utilisation).
  • Managing the impact of legislation & regulation change (e.g. the living wage, Working Time compliance, regulator fines).
  • Supporting employee health, wellbeing & work life balance (e.g. reducing overworking, balancing ‘unsociable’ hours, increasing flexibility).
  • Changing legacy shift patterns & working practices (e.g. implementing annualised hours, post-merger/acquisition/TUPE standardising of shift patterns and T&Cs).
  • Increasing flexibility & responsiveness (e.g. forecasting demand, scenario planning, contingency measures, supporting rapid growth).
  • Reducing complexity & administrative burden (e.g. shift changes, holiday & absence management, weak ERP/T&A systems).

Shift Planning Clinics will take place on Wednesday 25th October and Thursday 30th November and will be hosted at our offices in the heart of Manchester city centre.

Each session will include a welcome briefing, an hour long 1-2-1 confidential consultation, followed by a wrap-up and the offer of refreshments.

Places are limited so use the booking form below to secure your Shift Planning Clinic session now.


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