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A more efficient way of working is waiting for you. You just don’t know it… yet.


Working Time Solutions is a world leader in workforce planning and management software solutions and services. Discover a new, more successful way of working through highly effective working time management.

Having helped a wide range of UK-based and global organisations to make substantial financial savings and efficiency gains, we know that outdated shift patterns act as a brake on productivity and flexibility, and we understand how true working time change can drive significant benefits for every organisation – including yours.

In fact, we don’t simply understand it. We have the software to plan and manage this change, and the expertise to lead your organisation through it, resulting in financial savings, more efficient working, improved service, and a culture which can adapt to anything the future holds.

How do we do it?

  • We help you discover your true demand for labour across each day, week and year, finding out how factors like product promotions, special events and seasonal changes have an impact
  • Based on these insights, we design innovative patterns of work that meet that demand, often by redeploying hours according to need across the year rather than using fixed weekly rosters
  • We build flexibility into the rosters we design, giving you an exact supply of labour to the needs of the organisation. This eliminates dependency on overtime, improves productivity and results in increased financial control and reduced labour cost
  • We then implement the new arrangements and empower your organisation to manage them into the future – planning ahead, handling changes in demand, and ensuring that you don’t revert to old, inflexible practices
  • We achieve all this by using a proven methodology that engages management, workforce and unions – everyone with a stake in your organisation’s success. These measures, along with a programme of continuous improvement and pattern refinement, help to make sure that the benefits are shared by all, and that they continue in years to come
  • The software that powers all our solutions is called Work Suite®. This flexible, scalable Microsoft-based system delivers the insights and control needed to design, optimise, administer, manage, test and improve workforce planning and management systems

So now you know how Working Time Solutions helps organisations like yours achieve real and sustained benefits from working time change. No one else can take you on this journey, because no one else has developed such world-leading expertise, such powerful software solutions, or such an effective method of implementing the measures that make all the difference.

As we said, a more efficient way of working is waiting. To achieve it, just give us a call on
+44 (0)161 720 50 50.

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To find out more about the many services available from Working Time Solutions, please give us a call on +44 (0) 161 720 50 50 or email us at